hai.. aku giens pemilik situs ini, aku numpang di wordpress cuma buat bikin aku bahagia, bisa tuangin yang aku punya, juga keinginanku kamu bisa download apapun yang kamu mau, kalau kamu ingin bank soal klik di sini (bank soal ), jika kamu ingin beasiswa dan lowongan kerja klik di sini (beasiswa). My complete name is UGIN SUGIONO, I am Indonesian. teaching is my recent job and my hobby. beside that I like browsing very much, and also I am always interested to make a friendship with who wants. becoming a professional teacher may become my obsession. I am handling two subject which isn’t liked by the most of students, those are Math and English, but don’t worry if you want to share with me about education, I ‘m waiting. thank for all readers that has been reading my site. teaching is a something that become a challenge, furthermore, I am teaching at the school that is very far from my village, I enjoy it very much. until here, these are everything about me

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